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Thanks for stopping by Innate Baby!

We are Alex and Amee!  Sisters, born and raised in the gorgeous Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and the creators of Innate Baby. Our mission is to provide parents easy access to organic, safe and natural goods of all sorts for their growing and developing little ones.

The idea of Innate Baby was born as we sat talking one night about how hard it was to find healthy and safe options for babies and little ones in our small towns.  With Amee just having her first child, her need was immediate and as a chiropractor seeing many babies everyday in her practice, Alex was getting asked all the time where parents can find these safe options for their children.  We recognized the need and demand for these goods and decided to come up with a solution:  create an online store that everyone will have access to, providing those seeking natural parenting, with the safe options they are looking for. 

The majority of our wholesalers are small business owners and stay at home moms who custom make most of our amazing products.  It was very important to us to support women in small business and decided to build our foundation helping others in a similar situation to our own. 


                                                                                 Photo Credit: A Rose Photography                                        


Mama to Collins and wife to Dave. They reside in Spread Eagle, WI. with their yellow lab, Emma. Amee has a passion for healthy living, essential oils, crafting/thrifting, sweet little Collins and the lake!   


Lover of organic coffee, animals, the outdoors and healthy living.  She is a Doctor of Chiropractic in Montana, where her and her husband, Sampson, own The Wellness Way-Flathead Valley.  She enjoys everything that living in the mountains has to offer, especially the amazing hiking, camping and fly fishing.   


Irresistibly cute model/big helper for Innate Baby.  Her favorites are: whole foods, exploring outside and she sure loves her dog, Emma! 

Baby Fennelly:

Innate Baby's newest model coming to you in April!!


Rest assured that all of our amazing products are mama, baby and chiropractor approved!

xoxo - Alex, Amee & Collins